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Common HP Toner Hitches and finest way out

Printers rapidly switched from luxury to need. Using printers whether in-home or office asks for a seamless service to get prints done rightly on time. Are you fed up with the current printer you have or is it facing a problem daily? Maybe you are not operating your printer the right way or it demands a maintenance service. We are here with common HP Toner Cartridge problems and the finest solutions to them:

HP toner is Expensive

Analyse the print results and at how much ease are you with using a toner instead of ink Cartridge. No ink spills or leaks on paper. A fine maintenance that to needed less often as compared to use of Ink Cartridges. So it’s worth the prices.

New HP Toner doesn’t work

Installing the Cartridge rightly is important. You can always checkout instructions before installing a Cartridge. No matter the size procedure of Cartridge installation is same so follow instructions carefully to enjoy seamless prints.

Also sometimes the print cover or else door doesn’t close. The solution for it is to install the toner again as it is mostly caused if the toner isn’t installed correctly.

Toner Runs out quickly

If that’s the case take out tone and verify if its empty. If not, simply shake it gently. This act will equally spread the toner all around and you are good to use it.

Or another scenario can be you bought a cheap toner. It’s a common problem that even can result in damaging your printers so never buy counterfeit ink carriages or toners. Always opt for fine quality toners.

If the door still doesn’t close, then unfortunately you have got the wrong toner in place.

Recycle or Dispose HP laserJet Toners

To reduce carbon footprint, it’s the right time. Remember each year 375 million empty cartridges are wasted each year although about 87% of them are still reusable. Similarly disposing off toner is critical. Disposing it in eco-friendly way can make our world eco-friendly!

Is Toner better than Ink Cartridges?

The most common query I have observed is this one. From facts and user experience we can conclude:

  • Toner Cartridge print last longer than ink Cartridge
  • No ink spilling or print ruining problems
  • Less maintenance need as compared to ink Cartridge
  • The fade or blushed prints are rare with laser jest toner printers

So I will suggest for switch over to HP toner Cartridge instead of using Ink Cartridge

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