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Today, every Business, especially e-Commerce stores, must take care of their printers because if you mistreated your printer, it would leave you at the 11th hour. I am telling you the truth, and it happened to me. I was already late in packing the customer’s order to send it for shipping; I only need to attach the order form and customer receipt when the printer started smearing ink on paper. I am the sales manager at one of the leading e-commerce stores operating in Dubai and nearby states.

After COVID 19 e-Commerce industry got the real boost, and I got the chance to realize how practical printers are, primarily Print Toner and Ink Cartridge, and what can happen with the wrong choice. I know how important it is for the text to be clear, colors to be accurate and, ink to never smear and bleed through. With the past two years of HP Toner experience, I will be reviewing SAVVY COMTECH FZ LLE “,” which I will say is the best HP Toner Supplier in Dubai.


It is more than just personal preferences or what a person likes. The facts, on-ground realities, and industry comparison make any business rating an accurate user experience. From what I have observed and found, make stands among the top industry printer services providers and toner suppliers, especially in UAE and especially Dubai

Personal Experience

I got the chance to use the service when I need to replace our HP LaserJet Toner. I heard about the free HP Printer service deal that they do free service for one year without any long yearly contracts. The only requirement was to order 10 HP LaserJet Toner. In a rush to don’t miss the deal, I ordered ten packs for our office delivered before due time, and I again got amused with their service.

The price I got was quite reasonable compared to the service I was enjoying. The following month, I again ordered some office stationery and Tapes, hoping I would enjoy the same service and believe I was not disappointed. The delivery was not so early, but still, it was before the due time, and the rates were competitive.

Let me critically review all of customer journey and their service. But before we go into details let me introduce the company to you.

About SAVVY COMTECH FZ LLE claims to be the one-stop destination of office supplies in the UAE, which deals with deals following categories:

  • Ink and Toner
    • Toner Cartridges
    • Ink Cartridges
  • Paper
    • Printing Paper
    • Paper Rolls
    • Calendar and Planners
    • Notebooks and Papers
  • Office Supplies
    • General Supplies
    • Labels and Label Makers
    • Writing Instruments
    • Tapes and Adhesives
    • Files and Folders
    • Stamps
    • Desk Supplies
    • Office Equipment
  • School Supplies
    • Writing Instruments
    • Electronics
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Notebooks and Papers
    • General Supplies
    • Cutting and Measuring
    • Board and Easels


Along with Office Supplies, they also offer school supplies. They seem to be covering every need of offices and schools.

I love theirs on deal most where you get two free printer services for every ten HP printer toners bought from them. And their printer services just make you their permanent client. I love their technical skills along with user experience. Among the best of all services and Printer product retailers, I have tested so far.

Customer Journey

Today Business must provide a seamless customer journey; otherwise, that Business will not last long. I will share my customer journey over the website.

You can search your desired product directly via the search bar on top, or you can find it via selecting the category, then sub-category, then specific color and model.

Meanwhile, discovering the desired product if you find something interesting can add it to your wish list and save it later.

When you have found your product, you can add it to your cart. It will take you to the checkout page, where you can easily create your account if you have not created it previously. After sign up, you can fill up the form and provide delivery location details. Soon you will receive a confirmation email, and there you go with


Hiring a Printer Service Provider what I look at?

Printers are a fundamental business need today. As a small business or grown-up, this small machine can make or takes a couple of hours and important business deals. The best part no one realizes the true importance until a real experience happens.


When hiring someone for your printer service, the most critical factors to consider are;

How skilled is the service provider?

Are they experienced? Most importantly, do they know how to do the job? An efficient printer service provider, even if it is expensive, for me always worth the cost. The immediate solution to problems with a perfect problem-solving work attitude is what I always prefer.

What does the opportunity cost?

For each printer service or tool bought, you pay for the trade. Is the amount charged fair? You can find it with the comparison aspects.

Firstly, was it worth the time and money. Let’s say you hired a printer service provider that provides perfect service within hours of order, then it’s worth it.

On the other hand, are their charges industry competitive? Why pay luxurious amounts to service providers when you can get the same quality and timely service more economically

How reliable is my service provider?

A long-term relationship with the same person is much better. When building relations, sustainability is a critical factor. Will the same service provider available for next and then the other years’ service? Machines are like babies attached to their parents. So a single mechanic

knows how they make them more efficient and perform tasks the right way. Maybe you disagree with this point, but it is essential to consider from a scaling perspective when we move to time and money leverage. One-time cheap service is never preferable.

Equipped Properly with fast response time

These two are interdependent of each other. A fast response time low-quality skills are worthless, and similarly, good service with a slow response rate is also not convenient.

Note: With response time, the thing is how efficiently they get back to you. Maybe their space is filled, so services can be delayed for a little while.

From my perspective, has become the realistic in-hand service provider and perfect printer solution for me. They are not just limited to printer maintenance services. It is a part of all. Recently I bought a printer from them to replace an old machine. Faultlessly speaking, I was amazed by their services. Their customer support, responsiveness, and quality service with quality products make them real Savvy for corporate businesses, small start-ups, and personal printers user too.

Pros and Cons


    • Delivery before time
    • Easy Checkout
    • Competitive Price
    • Free 1-year Printer service deal


    • Room for Better Deals

My Final Words:

Dubai happens to be a multi-national business hub where all big offices lie with their needs. Every Business needs a printer, and what can be better than such a company fulfils essentials of your business office, including your printer’s needs. I have tried several companies like ABC, XYZ, and GHQ, and honestly, they were pretty good at their service, but they were not all-rounder and time saver.

Later, when I discovered Savvy Comtech FZ LLE, I feel the fulfilment of my overall desire. Considering all the facts we have gone through above; it won’t be wrong to say that is the Best HP Toner Supplier in Dubai. One secret that I haven’t shared with you yet is that they provide discounts from time to time, which means you can grab some special offers for your business office.

Right now, is offering a 25% discount on the first order and 10% discount on HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge category.

This recommendation is based on my personal experience with HP Toner supplier “” while not ignoring what the market has to say about them.

Mr. Tousif Kaliwala

Mr. Tousif Kaliwala (Head of Procurement Department)

Blink Technologies FZCO (

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