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Texas Instruments TI-82 Stats Graphing Calculator

An enhancement to the TI-82, this graphics calculator is most suitable for learners at early secondary level.

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  • Graphical analysis – find function values, roots, intersections, maximums, minimums, derivatives, and integrals. Analyse a graph interactively while you view it
  • Plots – four plot types including scatter, box-and-whisker, xy-lines, and histograms. Define and store up to 3 plots from the Stat Plot editor
  • Data analysis – choose from eight regression models and four plot types. Available regressions include median-median line and quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomial regressions
  • Graph-table split screen – allows you to trace the graph and scroll table values simultaneously
  • Matrices – analyse up to 5 matrix variables. Size limited only by available memory
  • Data lists – store data in lists containing up to 99 elements per list
  • Tables – view and evaluate function variables in numeric table format
  • Functions – define, save, and graph up to 10 rectangular, 6 parametric, and 6 polar functions in addition to 2 recursively-defined sequences
  • Programming – includes keystroke programming commands for conditional tests, jumping, and loops
  • Data Logging – TI-82 STATS is compatible with the CBL 2, CBL, CBR and CBR 2 for collection and analysis of real-world data
  • Multiple graph styles
  • Interactive graphical analysis including numerical derivatives and integrals
  • Up to 10 matrices
  • Inferential statistics, probability distributions
  • Complex numbers
  • Split screen option
  • Display of the function on the graph
  • Defines, stores and displays up to 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric equations, 6 polar equations and 2 sequences
  • Data analysis including tabular calculation, 8 regression models, 4 plot types
  • 32KB of memory: 28KB of user-available memory
  • 8-line by 16-character display, 64 x 96 pixels
  • Pull-down menus
  • A structured programming language

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