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Ideal AP60 Pro Professional Air Purifier


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AP60 PRO from Ideal – Professional air purifier for pure indoor air. Novel 360 degree multi layer filter system with long life HEPA filter technology and highest amount of specialized active carbon.

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  • Suitable for room sizes of: 50 – 70 sqm
  • CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate): 561.1?m3/h
  • Air exchange rate(with 50 sqm / 2.40 m room height): 12?min
  • Air throughput (m3/h): Up to 600
  • Fan speed levels: 5 Levels
  • Power consumption (watts): 6 – 90
  • Noise levels (dB): 16.5 – 56.6
  • Dimensions: Height 668 mm x Width 468 mm x Depth 275 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg



The filter technology, fans and sensor technology in the IDEAL AP60 PRO have been designed to deliver extremely high airflow rates and maximum cleaning performance, while at the same time maintaining low noise and vibration. The right choice for open-plan offices and conference rooms across all sectors, as well as for hotels, classrooms, restaurants and fitness studios.

The sophisticated sensors in the IDEAL AP60 PRO detect, among other things, various fine dusts, right down to ultra-fine dusts, as well as pollen, volatile organic compounds and odours. In automatic mode, the unit automatically adjusts to the measured values.

Maximum performance with a minimum size

Despite its compact size, the IDEAL AP60 PRO impresses with extremely high airflow rates and optimum cleaning performance – reliably for years to come. The outstanding workmanship and quality components and materials from renowned, mostly German, manufacturers makes the AP60 PRO a true quality product.

Long-lasting 360 degree smart filters

Energy-efficient and extremely quiet-running motors, along with flow-optimised fans, guarantee extremely low energy consumption. Under normal air conditions, the filter only needs to be replaced approximately every 12 months – even if the unit is in continuous use. This saves costs and reduces maintenance work.

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